Welcome fellow sojourner!

As we travel on our path, there comes a time when we need to turn inward and dig deep. By allowing God to heal the little girl inside of us, He is faithful to strengthen us into strong women. Join me as we learn to be strong Warrior Women for Him.

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I wouldn’t call myself a gardener. In fact I’m horrible at keeping green things alive, except maybe my aloe plant. One day when I was tending to my hydrangeas, the only other plant I have managed to keep alive, my neighbor, who is uber talented with all things green, came over and pointed out a…

Reach For Stars

This morning I got up to take a walk around a man-made lake in a park. It was early morning because I wanted to catch the sunrise. There has always been something special about sunrises for me. The peaceful quiet. The serenity. The majesty. I needed that desperately.

My Blankie, My Comfort

When I was young I had a big, white, and soooo soft “blankie.” However, it was only at my Grandmother’s house when I would visit. It was my comfort while I was there. But one day I came for a visit, and my blankie turned into a big, yellow, and not so soft blankie. What…

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