Welcome fellow sojourner!

As we travel on our path, there comes a time when we need to turn inward and dig deep. By allowing God to heal the little girl inside of us, He is faithful to strengthen us into strong women. Join me as we learn to be strong Warrior Women for Him.

Latest from the Blog

Tinted Lenses

I had these really cool rose tinted glasses that I loved to wear. They seemed to make the world around me warmer as I gazed through them. There is a saying that “She sees everything through rose-colored glasses.” It is the idea that we see life optimistically. In a positive light. But there is anotherContinue reading “Tinted Lenses”

Fig Leaves

Have you ever sent a text to someone and realized you sent it to the wrong person? Most of us have done this. Well, I had an accidental Facebook post fiasco, but somehow God turned it into a teachable moment. Join me in my video blog to see how amazing God is. By the way,Continue reading “Fig Leaves”

The Deceiver

I hate Satan, the king of lies and deception. Sitting in my car, tears streaming down my face. Defeated.

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