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As we travel on our path, there comes a time when we need to turn inward and dig deep. By allowing God to heal the little girl inside of us, He is faithful to strengthen us into strong women. Join me as we learn to be strong Warrior Women for Him.

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Lip Service

“God First.” This was the motto of my college, a motto they strived to live by. Just like the rest of us Christian believers. All of us would readily agree that God should always be first. I would always say, “God first. Husband second. Children third,” mirroring what I would hear so often from otherContinue reading “Lip Service”

Rotten Fruit

One day on the school bus, sometime in my kindergarten year, I sat in the coveted front seat. A fellow classmate tried to sit next to me but I wouldn’t let her, sticking out my tongue and angrily scooting to the edge so she couldn’t get by me. Another day, my great-grandmother tried to changeContinue reading “Rotten Fruit”


I feel stuck. Have you have ever felt stuck in your growth? Healing? God’s calling on your life? Or maybe just stuck in life? The list is endless.

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